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Jazz Clubs Berlin * Jazz Clubs Sowieso – auch als Vorzimmer New Yorks bekannt
– in der Weisestraße von Neukölln – Berlin’s artist-run venue for experimental music and sonic explorations.

Sowieso Berlin

Sowieso Berlin Sowieso Fresko

12049 Berlin
Weisestraße 24



15.09.23 – Kaufmann–Dunston–Portugal
16.09.23 – O’pif

what am i doing w my life by julius windisch

Julius Windisch electronics

„I am a 1995-born pianist, composer, producer and singer based in Berlin. I studied Jazz and improvised music in Berne (BA in Jazz Piano 2014-17), Amsterdam, Copenhagen & Berlin (European Jazz Master 2017-19). I’ve always wanted to spend my life playing and writing music.“ Julius Windisch
Am Frankfurter Tor by Anna Kaluza, Jan Roder

Anna Kaluza saxophone

Anna Kaluza studied jazz saxophone in Cologne with Frank Gratkowski, in Vienna with Klaus Dickbauer and in London with Jean Toussaint

Sowieso Berlin – Musicians – Concerts