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A selection of nice Jazz Web Sites

A selection of nice Jazz Web Sites

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All About Jazz Music, Musicians, Bands & Albums allaboutjazz.com All About Jazz covers the world of jazz music, with interviews of top musicians and bands, albums reviews, free music, videos, photos, and news.

: Two Tenors South Africa Style

The latest batch of albums from Canada's We Are Busy Bodies label, which specialises in vinyl reissues of South African jazz, spotlights saxophonists Winston Mankunku Ngozi and Mike Makhalemele, separately [...]

Søren Bebe Trio: Here Now

Here Now, pianist Søren Bebe's seventh outing with his long time bassist Kasper Tagel and new-to-the-fold drummer Knut Finsrud, is one of those recordings one wants to keep in the [...]

Dave Brubeck: A Dave Brubeck Christmas

As the end of the year Holidays draw near, it is difficult to avoid a certain cynicism about seasonal music. Take Christmas albums. Some artists have multiple efforts. It is [...]

Affinity Trio: Hindsight

Experimentation in the instrumental makeup of jazz ensembles has been with us for decades. Groups such as Gerry Mulligan's piano-less ensemble and drummer-less groups such as those of Django Reinhardt, [...]

Kristina Barta: Endless Questions and Answers

Czech pianist/composer Kristina Barta's Endless Questions and Answers opens on a rather ominous tone. Drummer Marek Urbánek plays on his toms a shadowy, esoteric rhythm. Tenor Jure Pukl flares in... [...]

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The Free Jazz Collectivefreejazzblog.org – We are pleased to bring you the Free Jazz Blog’s top album (s). Last week we presented our top recordings, which was drawn from the top 10 lists of the writers

Akira Sakata & Entasis - Live in Europe 2022 (Trost, 2023)

By Ferruccio MartinottiAs a simple (biological) matter of fact, the Giants are fading away, being circle of life and circle of music drawn by the same compass. Luckily for us, [...]

Alon Nechushtan, Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, William Parker, Federico Ughi – For Those Who Cross The Seas (ESP, 2023)

By Stef GijsselsOn March 5, 2006, this live performance took place at the Zebulon in Brooklyn. The band are Alon Nechushtan on keyboards, the late Roy Campbell on trumpet and [...]

Nate Wooley - Sunday Interview

(Photo: Martin Morissette) 1. What is your greatest joy in improvised music? The intimate knowledge that I will never master it.2. What quality do you most admire in the musicians you perform [...]

Simon Nabatov 3 + 2 - Verbs (Clean Feed, 2023)

By Stuart Broomer Cologne-based pianist/ composer Simon Nabatov enjoys a broad musical practice, rooted in a combination of fluency and openness, whether venturing into Latin American music, the repertoire of [...]

Jazzfest Berlin 2023 (2/2)

By Paul Acquaro See part 1 here. SATURDAY, November 4   The main event of Saturday evening was a concert by AACM founding member and ever creative composer and saxophonist [...]

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Jazz in Europe – Jazz news from Europe Jazz In Europe Netherlands magazine is a full-colour glossy publication. Produced quarterly, the magazine features interviews with European and International jazz musicians as well as interesting articles related to the world of jazz. Order Now HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE – BAD BOYS OF JAZZ New Album Now Available

In the kaleidoscope of jazz history, certain recordings emerge as timeless gems, capturing not just music but the essence of an era. “Steve Davis Meets Hank Jones, Volume 1,” recorded [...]

When looking at the current trend of recording jazz interpretations of popular music, Uwe Schenk and his ensemble, Kanoe have hit the mark, releasing an album featuring highly creative versions of [...]

Diving into the uncharted waters of sonic exploration, the Amsterdam Modern Orkest (AM.OK) led by the audacious Tijn Wybenga unveiled their latest offering, “Re:Brainteaser,” on October 6 of this year. [...]

Jazzahead! gears up for a lively twist as it reveals the initial lineup for its 2024 edition. Set to unfold from April 11 to 13, the eighteenth edition of the [...]

The combination of music and images has been a powerful one for many many years. Plenty of painters and photographers have crafted their work, galvanised by music, such as Wassily [...]

Jazz Views Net

www.jazzviews.net www.jazzviews.net. All That Jazz. Purchase CDs, vinyl & downloads directly from. the artists via their website. or chosen online platform. Album Reviews.

Harper Trio – Passing By

This is an album that will reveal more with each successive listening. Little Yellow Man Records Maria-Christina Harper (electro-acoustic Harp, effects, composition); Josephine Davies (soprano & tenor saxophone); Evan Jenkins [...]

Maria-Christina Harper – Take Five Q&A

Can you tell us about your new album? Our new album “Passing By” by The Harper Trio is influenced a lot from living in Hastings after living in London for [...]

Johnny Griffin – Live At Ronnie Scott’s, 1964

Griffin’s playing has always exuded panache, self-assurance, bordering on arrogance and supreme technical skill. GEARBOX RSGB 1010CD Johnny Griffin (tenor saxophone); Stan Tracey (piano); Malcolm Cecil (double bass); Jackie Dougan [...]

Nitai Hershkovits – Call on the Old Wise

…worthy addition to the ECM solo piano catalogue and will delight followers of both the jazz-related releases and New Series recordings of the imprint. ECM 2779 / 551 5448 Nitai [...]

Tori Freestone & Alcyona Mick – Make One Little Room An Everywhere

This is a fine album that at times challenges the listener, as if ensuring that one is paying attention, and at others has a lyrical bent that is tender and [...]

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Bandcamp Jazz Bandcamp ist ein Online-Musikdienst und eine Plattform zur Promotion, die sich insbesondere an unabhängige Künstler richtet. Künstler bei Bandcamp besitzen eine veränderbare Microsite mit den Alben, die sie hochladen. Viele Titel können kostenfrei auf der Internetseite abgespielt werden.

The Best Jazz on Bandcamp, October 2023
By Dave Sumner · November 14, 2023
The Best Jazz on Bandcamp, October 2023
a selection of nice jazz web sites
Die Musik der Anderen :

a selection of nice jazz web sites

HVV-MAG knapp und würzig vorgestellt über die Jazzwiese hinaus –

Various Artists – Searchlight Moonbeam

Auch Erwachsene wollen noch verträumte Träume haben. Meet Jack Rollo und Elaine Tierney. Die Beiden mixen als Time… [...]

Grupo Los Yoyi – Yoyi

Das fängt alles sehr gut an. So heißt der erste Titel der Platte »Banana« und kommt nach Kuhglocken-… [...]

Salamanda – In Parallel

Beim britischen Label Wisdom Teeth von Facta und K-Lone versteht man sich auf die Kunst des kultivierten Lockerlassens.… [...]

Moritz Von Oswald – Silencio

16 Stimmen gegen ein paar Synthesizer – für sein neues Album »Silencio« betreibt Moritz von Oswald das, was… [...]

Web Web X Max Herre – Web Max II

Feuilleton, halt’s Maul! Verirrt sich mensch doch mal auf unter dem TikTok-Hashtag #jazztok, versammeln sich jede Menge junge… [...]

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Jazzfuel Matt Fripp from „I’m British but currently based in Paris, France “ Articles, resources & support for jazz musicians & jazz fans

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Jaimie Branch - Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die (world war)

Label: International Anthem Records, 2023Personnel - Jaimie Branch: trumpet, voice, keyboard, percussion; Lester St. Louis: cello, voice, flute, marimba, keyboard; Jason Ajemian: acoustic and electric bass, voice, marimba; Chad Taylor: [...]

Yuhan Su - Liberated Gesture

Label: Sunnyside Records, 2023Personnel - Yuhan Su: vibraphone; Caroline Davis: alto saxophone; Matt Mitchell: piano; Marty Kenney: bass; Dan Weiss: drums. Yuhan Su, an emerging and classically-trained vibraphonist and composer [...]

Quinsin Nachoff - Stars and Constellations

Label: Adhyaropa Records, 2023Personnel - Quinsin Nachoff: tenor saxophone; Mark Helias: acoustic bass; Dan Weiss: drums + Bergamot Quartet and The Rhythm Method (#2). Innovative Canadian saxophonist Quinsin Nachoff infuses [...]

Peggy Lee Band - A Giving Way

Label: Songlines Recordings, 2023Personnel - Peggy Lee: cello; John Bentley: saxophone; Brad Turner: trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet; Jeremy Berkman: trombone; Ron Samworth: electric and acoustic guitars; Tony Wilson: electric guitar; André [...]

Aruán Ortiz - Pastor's Paradox

Label: Clean Feed, 2023Personnel - Aruán Ortiz: piano, voice; Don Byron: clarinet, bass clarinet, voice; Lester St Louis: cello (#1,2,4,5,6); Pheeroan AkLaff: drums + Yves Dhar: cello (#3,7); Mute Gant: [...]

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Welcome – Clean Feed Records Portugal

By Marc Chénard Vancouver clarinetist extraordinaire François Houle is a consummate virtuoso whose free improvisation is among the best in the field, and who can meet the demands of the [...]

By Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG BREW features Miya Masaoka on koto, electronics & monochord, Reggie Workman on contrabass, percussion, musical saw & didgeridoo and Gerry Hemingway on drums, vibes, voice [...]

Znakomity, ultranowoczesny tryptyk zafundował entuzjastom improwizowanych brzmień saksofonista i kompozytor Marek Pospieszalski. Po albumie „Dürer’s Mother” i „Polish Composers of 20th Century” jest kolejna odsłona: dedykowany polskim kompozytorkom album „No [...]

By Tor Hammerø Spennende kromosomer Mário Costa i front for sin utmerkde internasjonale kvartett. Den portugisiske trommeslageren Mário Costa har jeg hatt gleden av å møte ved flere anledninger. Dette [...]

By Michael Pronko Bringing together the Norwegian jazz quartet, or two of them, with Dojo, the Japanese improvisational koto and drum duo, was an inspired bit of experimental madness. One [...]

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Jazz Journal Jazz Journal ist ein monatlich erscheinendes britisches Jazz-Magazin, das seit 1948 erscheint und damit eine der ältesten heute noch erscheinenden Jazzzeitschriften überhaupt ist. Sitz ist in Loughton in Essex. Ein Schwerpunkt ist Mainstream Jazz. Seit 2009 ist die Zeitschrift mit Jazz Review vereinigt.

JJ 11/73: Paul Motian – Conception Vessel

Fifty years ago Martin Davidson was disappointed by the uninspiring material and lack of involvement on drummer Motian's leader debut The post JJ 11/73: Paul Motian – Conception Vessel appeared [...]

JJ 11/73: Passport – Passport

Fifty years ago Barry McRae enjoyed Klaus Doldinger's accomplished fusion record before deciding it wasn't good enough for many JJ readers The post JJ 11/73: Passport – Passport appeared first [...]

JJ 11/73: Barre Phillips – For All It Is

Fifty years ago Barry McRae enjoyed four basses - Phillips, Palle Danielsson, Barry Guy and J.F. Jenny-Clarke - contrapunting with Stu Martin The post JJ 11/73: Barre Phillips – For [...]

Sam Eastmond: John Zorn’s Bagatelles Vol 16

London-based composer Eastmond arranged eight pieces by NY avant-gardist Zorn for a British band including Emma Rawicz and Charlotte Keefe The post Sam Eastmond: John Zorn’s Bagatelles Vol 16 appeared [...]

JJ 11/63: Duke Ellington, Charlie Mingus, Max Roach – Money Jungle

Sixty years ago Sinclair Traill observed his hero the Duke coolly cut rings around the modernisms of his radical colleagues The post JJ 11/63: Duke Ellington, Charlie Mingus, Max Roach [...]

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From Madrid, jazz, free improvisation and cacophony Search for: aJazz Noise’s picks of – Bit of a miserable year, 2021. Lots of enthralling music and new sounds, mind you. Worth focusing on that for.

A.MAIAH – F(r)icciones

A.MAIAH is the nom-de-music of guitarist-composer Asier Pérez Basterra. Previously featured on aJN’s 12-ish Guitar (and-only-guitar) Albums In The Last Continue Reading [...]

Koshiro Hino – GEIST II

Welcome to the electronic forest… I first found out about Koshiro Hino’s music through last year’s KAKUHAN duo with Yuki Continue Reading [...]

Emily Rach Beisel – Particle of Organs

When I posted a track as a Daily Tune (26th May) I said that this album had taken the top Continue Reading [...]

Brazilian free and experimental music – 6 labels, 16 albums, a starting point…?

Fate, chance and happenstance have put a lot of experimental and improvised music from Brazilian artists and labels in my Continue Reading [...]

aJazzNoise picks of 2022…

Another year, another list – when will it all end?! Well, hopefully never, as long as my ears continue to Continue Reading [...]

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Best of Jazz Bestofjazz.org aims to help its visitors discover amazing jazz records. To do so, we review all the new jazz releases that we believe are worth your time. We also create monthly selections of jazz albums to be released in the coming days or weeks. This way, you will always be up to date with the newest releases and informed on what to wait for.

Best Jazz Albums of 2023

The following selection is our definitive “Best Jazz Albums of 2023” list. The selection is divided into albums featuring solos, duets, trios, quartets, quintets, sextets, and larger ensembles, with three [...]

The Best Christmas Jazz Albums

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration—and of course, music! What better way to get into the festive spirit than with some jazz-infused Christmas tunes? Jazz and Christmas [...]

The 10 Best British Jazz Albums

Jazz is an American art form, and its roots are deeply embedded in the history and culture of the United States. However, across the pond, there has long been a [...]

The Best Thelonious Monk Albums

Thelonious Sphere Monk was a pioneer of modern jazz music. Known for his eccentricity and improvisational impishness, Monk’s performances said as much with their silences as the raw chords that [...]

Jazz October 2023

What should you expect from jazz this month? Welcome to our October 2023 selection of albums that have already been or will soon be released this month. These albums grabbed [...]

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Mit „Heimat“ als Kindheitsgefühl und Sehnsuchtsort beschäftigen sich Saxofonist Heiner Schmitz und Gitarrist Tobias Hoffmann auf ihren aktuellen … [...]

Von Steffen Irlinger. Sun Ra ist eine der bizarrsten Persönlichkeiten der Jazzgeschichte. Der Vordenker des Afrofuturismus starb vor … [...]

Die Ivors Classical Awards 2023 – eine Feier für die beste neue klassische Musik und Klangkunst von britischen, … [...]

Ende Oktober 2023. Wir blicken hinaus in die Welt. Und öffnen neue, starke Bücher. Halt Zwei der Schlussrunde: … [...]

Von Ueli Bernays. Jahrzehntelang haben sich schwarze Musiker von der Bürgerrechtsbewegung inspirieren lassen. Das hat vor allem den rebellischen … [...]

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Jazz in Deutschland / Germany jazzpages.de/info Jazzpages – Das Portal zum Jazz in Deutschland seit 1997 Die Jazzpages sind ein Projekt von Frank Schindelbeck und publizieren seit Mitte der 1990er Jahre Informationen zum Jazz

Ursprünglich im Jahr 1835 von Kammermusikus Wilhelm Wieprecht und Hof-Instrumentenmacher Johann Gottfried Moritz zu Berlin für die satten Bassklänge in Militärkapellen entwickelt, beeindruckte die Tuba Komponisten ovn Hector Berlioz bis [...]

Das Internationale Jazzfestival „Sparks & Visions“ findet im Januar 2024 zum zweiten Mal in Regensburg statt und verspricht ein herausragendes Erlebnis mit acht Bands aus verschiedenen Ländern, die den Jazz [...]

Der Ticketvorverkauf beginnt am 24. November, und diejenigen, die den sprichwörtlichen Wurm erwischen möchten, sollten sich beeilen – die Early Bird-Tickets flattern nur bis zum 6. Januar oder solange der [...]

Der luxemburgische Bassklarinettist Michel Pilz ist verstorben, wie das Luxemburger Wort in seinem Nachruf berichtet: https://www.wort.lu/kultur/trauer-in-der-szene-jazzer-michel-pilz-gestorben/4625168.html [...]

Manfred Rinderspacher fotografiert beim Enjoy Jazz Festival 2023. Vielen Dank für die Bilder! Erwin Ditzner’s Carte Blanche in der Alten Feuerwache am 26.10.23 Besetzung Lömsch Lehmann : bcl Jan Hennig [...]

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Jazz Thing jazzthing.de Jazz thing ist eine deutsche Jazz -Zeitschrift, die seit November 1993 fünfmal jährlich erscheint (November/Dezember/Januar, Februar/März, April/Mai, Juni/Juli/August,

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Magazin für Jazz Musik – jazz-fun.de – Magazin für Jazz Musik Jazz-fun.de will mehr erfahren. »The music doesn’t have so far to go« – das ist wie ein Zaubervers für alle Musiker

Jazzwax Logo

Jazzwax Marc Myers writes regularly for The Wall Street Journal and is author of „Rock Concert: An Oral History“ (Grove), „Anatomy of a Song“ (Grove) and „Why Jazz Happened.“ Founded in 2007, JazzWax has won three Jazz Journalists Association awardsn and cacophony

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Highresaudio Fortlaufend Neuerscheinungen – hier als Link zum Jazz | weitere Genres in der Menüauswahl

Downbeat Logo

Downbeat The publication was established in 1934 in Chicago, Illinois. It is named after the „downbeatin music, also called „beat one“, or the first beat of a musical measure.

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Jazzwise, the UK’s biggest selling jazz monthly and the leading English language jazz magazine in Europe, has changed the way jazz magazines look and think with a stunning

a selection of nice jazz web sites

Michael’s Jazzblog from Switzerland It’s time to provide another list of interesting albums that have been released in the last few months.

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Charts Apply to be a JazzWeek reporting station or program Jazzweek Charts weekly USA

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London Jazz News – News, reviews, features and comment …https://londonjazznews.comNews, reviews, features and comment from the London jazz scene and beyond.

RNCM Big Band with Dennis Rollins – 15 December

On 15 December, the RNCM Big Band will be presenting the impressive results of a six-month joint project involving trombonist and composer Dennis Rollins MBE, with phenomenal arrangements created by [...]

Interview: Guitarists/ Competition Jurors Peter Bernstein and Romain Pilon

The fifth International Jarek Smietana Jazz Guitar Competition in Krakow, from which musician/writer Sam Norris reported the results (link below), also gave him the opportunity to meet two of the international [...]

SNJO ‘In an Ellington Mood’ – concerts, 8-10 Dec. 2023

The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra returns to one of its specialisms, the music of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, for its latest tour, which takes in Glasgow, St Andrews and [...]

Pianist Ben Shankland wins BBC Radio Scotland’s Young Jazz Musician of the Year 2023

Pianist Ben Shankland (*), a current student at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, has won the 2023 BBC Young Scottish Jazz Musician Award. The competition was held at BBC Scotland’s Studios on [...]

Jocelyn Gould at Frank and Mark’s, Oxford

Jocelyn Gould(Frank and Mark’s, Iffley Church Hall, East Oxford. Review by Mark Rowan-Hull) On another damp and dismal evening, I was looking forward to finding out more about Jocelyn Gould, [...]

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JAZZIZ Magazine – The Voice of a New Jazz Culture

https://www.jazziz.com THE JAZZIZ CHANNEL. News. Readers R Top Feature. new jazz albums you need to know about …

Song of the Day: Bryan Lubeck, “Welcome Winter”

Guitarist Bryan Lubeck welcomes winter with his new, long-anticipated holiday-themed album. Bryan Lubeck is renowned for seamlessly blending his romantic Spanish guitar style with smooth, energetic urban grooves. Over the [...]

Jeff Lorber | The JAZZIZ Podcast

Welcome to the JAZZIZ Podcast. This is our new series of podcast conversations, hosted by JAZZIZ Online Editor Matt Micucci and featuring some of the best artists of today’s jazz and creative music [...]

Song of the Day: Randy Bernsen, “Shepherd’s Heart”

Guitarist Randy Bernsen propels his sound to contemporary heights on his all-original eleventh album as a bandleader, Heart Mind and Soul. In 1986, guitarist Randy Bernsen brought together an exceptional [...]

Julian Lage, Blue Note, Cyrille Aimée & More: The Week in Jazz

The Week in Jazz is your roundup of new and noteworthy stories from the jazz world. It’s a one-stop destination for the music news you need to know. Let’s take [...]

Song of the Day: The Moore-McColl Jazz Society, “Up and Gone”

The Moore-McColl Jazz Society offer their unique interpretation of 1970s jazz organ/guitar combos with a 21st-century flair on their new album, Up and Gone. Originating from Atlanta, Georgia, The Moore-McColl [...]

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The Guardian Jazz die Jazzabteilung des Guardian mit nahezu täglichen Jazz Reports und Reviews

S5 E10: Gregory Porter, singer-songwriter

Bringing lashings of comfort and joy to Grace’s house for the final episode of this season is the legendary jazz singer Gregory Porter. The multi-Grammy award-winner, known for his smooth, [...]

André 3000: New Blue Sun review – immersive and out there

(Epic) On his first album in almost two decades, the Outkast rapper re-emerges with a collection of flute-led instrumentals that are characteristically otherworldly“Earth to André 3000” was the title of [...]

Isaiah Collier: Parallel Universe review – an inspired homage to the giants of jazz and soul

(Night Dreamer)Recorded in single-take live performances, the Chicago multi-instrumentalist deftly throws funk, gospel, soul and his own fine voice into the mixIsaiah Collier is keen on “the ancestors”. Opening this, [...]

‘Fela Kuti was always in his pants’: legendary music photographer Val Wilmer’s greatest shoots

She ate fried chicken with BB King, gave Jimi Hendrix a lift home from a gig and accidentally worked for MI6. The pioneer recalls her favourite subjects – and the [...]

A new start after 60: I had a dream about playing the trombone – so I became a musician at 72

More than 60 years after teaching herself the guitar, Noreen Davies woke one morning inspired to return to music. Now, she spends much of her free time jamming and giggingTwelve [...]

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Jazz Zeitung Das JazzZeitungs-Blog. Hier schreiben Rainer Wein, Jörg Lichtinger, Peter Ortmann, Thomas Spitzer, Benjamin Schaefer, Martin Hufner …

Desaströs in vielerlei Hinsicht: Der Deutsche Jazzpreis 2023

Deutscher Jazzpreis. Foto: Oliver Hochkeppel Ein Kommentar von Oliver Hochkeppel Im vergangenen Jahr, bei der zweiten, erstmals in Bremen an die jazzahead! gekoppelten Verleihung des Deutschen Jazzpreises, war man im [...]

Soundtrack zum Gebäck: Plätzchenbäcker Till B.

The New Krümelmonster: Till Brönner. Foto: Martin Hufner Er hat dieses Mal keine flammende Wutrede in Sachen Corona gehalten, was ihn bekanntlich bis zu Anne Will ins Studio gebracht hat [...]

Über das neue Buch von Siegfried Schmidt-Joos „Es muss nicht immer Free Jazz sein. Zeitlose Texte zu Musik und Politik“

Mathias Bäumel räsoniert über das neue Buch des Publizisten Siegfried Schmidt-Joos, in dem dieser  einige historische Artikel zusammenstellt Um es vorweg zu nehmen: »Zeitlos«, wie der Untertitel des aktuellen Buches [...]

Digitalisierung im Jazz / Fördermöglichkeiten Jazz

Spätestens mit Einführung der CD traf eine Digitalisierungswelle mit eklatanten Folgen auch die Jazzszene. Aufnahmetechniken, Distribution/Vermarktung und Präsentation wurden auf den Kopf gestellt. Die Digitalisierung bedeutet Fluch und Segen, wobei [...]

Peter Brötzmann 80 – eine Preiskonzert-Erinnerung

Full Blast in der Akademie der Künste Berlin. Foto: Martin Hufner Peter Brötzmann wird am 6. März 2021 seinen 80. Geburtstag feiern. Dummerweise an einem Samstag, denn die Radio-Sendungen zu [...]

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André 3000 Has the Longest Ever Song to Chart on the Billboard Hot 100

The Outkast musician’s 12-minute-and-20-second New Blue Sun opener debuted at No. 90 [...]

Nick Cave Novel The Death of Bunny Munro to Be Adapted for TV by Matt Smith

The star of House of the Dragon and The Crown will produce and star in the limited series based on Cave’s 2009 novel [...]

Jennifer Lopez Details New This Is Me…Now Album and Film

In February, the musician and actress returns with a Prime Video special and her first studio album in a decade [...]

Jean Knight, “Mr. Big Stuff” Singer, Dies at 80

The New Orleans soul singer was behind one of Stax Records’ biggest hits [...]

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Bassist Jimbo Hart Confirms Departure From the Band

Hart took a break from the ensemble earlier this year, citing a need to “resolve some old-school traumas” [...]

A selection of nice Jazz Web Sites


Jazz Berlin Verhoovensjazz Header 12

Vom Jazz im Internet zum Jazz auf der Bühne – oder umgekehrt

Dvora Blue and The Soul Thrivers

28.11.2023 - B-Flat Dvora Davis - Vocals / Composer / Lyricist, Adam Sikora - Harmonica / Drums / Composer Mauro Pandolfino - Guitar / Bass, Carmelo Leotte - Bass [...]

Attias Müller Westergaard Steidle im A-Trane

28.11.2023 A-Trane Michael Attias - saxophone Florian Müller - guitar Jonas Westergaard - bass Oliver Steidle - drums [...]

Arash Rokni im Piano Salon

28.11.2023 Christophori Piano Salon Arash Rokni Piano Bach/Leonhardt - Violin Partita d- Moll BWV1004 Muffat - Passacaglia g-Moll aus “Apparatus Musico Organisticus” Brahms - Variations on a theme by Schumann [...]

Uri Gincel im Zig Zag

im ZigZag wiederkehrend The Jazz-Uped Jam- Session URI GINCEL - PIANO PAUL KLEBER - BASS TOBIAS BACKHAUS - DRUMS [...]

Emanuel Sint Elisaveta Blumina im Piano Salon

29.11.2023 Piano Salon Christophori [18:00 Uhr] Emanuel Sint - Fagott Elisaveta Blumina - Klavier Roger Boutry -  "Interférences"pour basson et piano Gliere - Klavierstücke Tansman - Sonatine für Fagott und [...]

A selection of nice Jazz Web Sites

Jazz im Netz * Jazz Albums Review 2021

A selection of nice Jazz Web Sites * A selection of nice Jazz Web Sites * A selection of nice Jazz Web Sites