Howl Quartet from London Life As We See It

Howl Quartet from London :

Life As We See is the debut album from Howl Quartet, the London based collaboration between long standing friends Dan Smith, Harry Brunt, Pete Komor and Matt Parkinson.

Dan Smith – alto sax, Harry Brunt – tenor sax, Pete Komor – bass, Matt Parkinson drums
‘Life As We See It’ is their debut, released March 5, 2021

Howl Quartet from London PRESS:

The Jazzman : Ian Man: The quartet has already created a sound that is very much its own

Musicians Website Howl Quartet: „Howl Quartet are a London-based co-led group that joyfully tie their passion for jazz with folk music, contemporary grooves and free improvisation. Their music combines a strong melodic sensibility and rhythmic creativity with ever evolving interaction, to provide a refreshing outlook on improvised music. Drawing upon an eclectic array of sources, they take influence from the ferocious ingenuity of jazz pioneers such as John Coltrane and Lee Konitz, and combine it with the subtlety and finesse of modern masters such as Brian Blade and Bill Frisell, all with “a new spin and a renewed spirit” – London Jazz News.“

Weitere Neuerscheinungen: Aus U.K. Sam Newbould – Bogus Notes

„This mini album is taken from our successful set of live stream concerts over the past year. We’ve selected our favourite versions of our album bangers performed live!“

Bandcamp The Best of Jazz Februar 2021

Gerne verlinke ich auch auf meine Berlin Abteilung A-Z. Eine alphabetische Aufstellung vieler Musikerinnen und Musiker aus Berlin. Sicher nicht vollständig, ein Anfang aber ist gemacht.

Howl Quartet from London