Koda Refuge Tinctures

Koda Refuge Tinctures at Donau 115

Koda Refuge Tinctures at Donau 115

23.07.2023 Donau 115
Koda + Refuge + Tinctures

Texte Donau 115

is an alternative artist who will present a few acoustic tunes from their upcoming album


by Aman Mahajan

The music thrives on the synthesis of myriad influences – jazz, Indian and European classical traditions, music from the American continents, Japanese and East Asian aesthetics, West African music, and folk music from around the world. 


moments, remote
by Tinctures

Together, Nishad Pandey (gt) and Aman Mahajan (pn) constitute a compositional and improvisational laboratory, blending tinctures of European and Indian classical music, jazz, and aesthetic, literary and mathematical concepts to create lush and intricate sound-worlds

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