laupsa lokomotiv

Laupsa Lokomotiv

Laupsa Lokomotiv

Laupsa Lokomotiv

17.09.2023 B-Flat

Øyvind Mathisen (tp)
Joscha Anders Ernst (sax)
Reidun Ottersen (tb voc)
Kristian Enkerud Lien (g)
Vetle Aakre Laupsa (b)
Olav Andreas Abildgaard (dr)

Laupsa Lokomotiv is a sextet that operates within the acoustic jazz-landscape; improvised, rhythmic, sonorous and seeking – led by Norwegian bassist Vetle Aakre Laupsa.

“Reach“ is the debut album of Laupsa Lokomotiv. An album that showcases a broad range of musicality, inspiration, compositional depth, and has the aim to find place among the best of modern, acoustic jazz from Norway. Vetle Aakre Laupsa has searched for his ideals when it comes to sound and composition, through his work as a musician and listener. This results in music with strong roots in the acoustic resonance of instruments and rooms, and conveys the urge to tell stories with strong artistic intuition. *

Laupsa Lokomotiv Reach

Reach 2021

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