31st May 2024 new albums jazzweek

31st May 2024 new albums jazzweek

31st May 2024 new albums jazzweek

Gregory Groover Jr (sax), Karrin Allyson (voc), Eric Alexander (sax), Behn Gillece (vib)

Gregory Groover Jrsaxophone

released April 26, 2024

Gregory Groover Jr – saxophone
Joel Ross – vibraphone
Aaron Parks – piano
Vicente Archer – bass
Matthew Stevens – guitar
Marcus Gilmore – drums
Criss Cross Jazz

31st May 2024 new albums jazzweek
Gregory Groover Jr, Joel Ross, Aaron Parks, Vicente Archer, Matthew Stevens, Marcus Gilmore

Karrin Allyson – vocals

A Kiss for Brazil
Released May 17, 2024

Karrin Allyson – vocal, piano
Vitor Gonçalves – piano, Fender Rhodes
Harvie S – bass
Yotam Silbersein – guitar
Rafael Barata – drums
Produced by Karrin Allyson


Karrin Allyson A Kiss for Brazil
A Kiss for Brazil
Karrin Allyson

Eric Alexandersaxophone

Timing Is Everything
released May 24, 2024

Eric Alexander – tenor saxophone
Rick Germanson – piano
Alexander Claffy – bass
Jason Tiemann – drums
Jed Paradies – flute (Serenade To A Cuckoo)
Rale Micic – guitar (Serenade To A Cuckoo)
Alma Micic – voice (Evergreen)
Stan Wetering – tenor saxophone (Big G’s Monk)

Cory Weeds: I don’t remember the exact circumstances that led me to hear Eric Alexander’s recording Straight Up on Delmark, but to say it changed my world and shaped my future would be an understatement. Bandcamp

Behn Gillece – vibraphone

Stick Together
released April 26, 2024

Behn Gillece – vibraphone
Art Hirahara – piano; Rhodes
Boris Kozlov – bass
Rudy Royston – drums; percussion

Vibraphonist Behn Gillece showcases how to „Stick Together“ with several of his favorite musicians – to celebrate the power of collaboration and synergy. Together, they skillfully blend their individual talents, creating a musical tapestry that combines technical precision and heartfelt expression, reflecting the rich spectrum of human emotions. Bandcamp
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