Kurt Rosenwinkel guitar

Kurt Rosenwinkel guitar

Kurt Rosenwinkel guitar

„American composer, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, and producer Kurt Rosenwinkel is one of the most celebrated musical voices in jazz and is widely renowned as one of the most distinctive and gifted guitarists to have ever played the instrument.
“Rosenwinkel’s harmonically rich, rhythmically free, and incomparably fluid style has made him one of the most important jazz musicians to emerge in the last thirty years, and his groundbreaking sonic conception of the guitar has changed the way the instrument has been perceived and played ever since. His recordings as a bandleader in early aughts on Verve Records were strikingly original releases that reshaped contemporary jazz in the 21st century. The Enemies of Energy (2000), The Next Step (2001), Heartcore (2003) and Deep Song (2005), would redefine the sound of jazz for a new era, deftly fusing jazz’s deep acoustic traditions with electronics, digital manipulation, programmed beats, and utterly modern harmonic and compositional structures that even today we can still only reference as ‘Rosenwinkelian’.“

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Undercover – Live at the Village Vanguard
Juni 2023 – Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar
Aaron Parks – piano, keys
Eric Revis – bass
Greg Hutchinson – drums

Kurt Rosenwinkel guitar

Kurt Rosenwinkel guitar

A Lovesome Thing
by Geri Allen & Kurt Rosenwinkel
This one-and-only recorded collaboration between jazz greats Geri Allen and Kurt Rosenwinkel took place live at the famed Philharmonie de Paris in 2012

releases November 24, 2023

September 2023 - Wolfgang Muthspiel, Scott Colley, Brian Blade

Kurt Rosenwinkel Geri Allen


Kurt Rosenwinkel guitar

Undercover – Live at the Village Vanguard
Juni 2023 – Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar
Aaron Parks – piano, keys
Eric Revis – bass
Greg Hutchinson – drums

Berlin Baritone
Kurt Rosenwinkel

Berlin Baritone
Dezember 2022 – Solo Improvisations

The Chopin Project
Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jean-Paul Brodbeck

The Chopin Project
April 2022 – Kurt Rosenwinkel – Guitar
Jean-Paul Brodbeck – Piano
Lukas Traxel – Acoustic Bass
Jorge Rossy – Drums

Angels Around
Kurt Rosenwinkel

Angels Around Mai 2020 Kurt Rosenwinkel – Guitar
Dario Deidda – Bass Guitar
Greg Hutchinson – Drums

Searching the Continuum
Kurt Rosenwinkel, Bandit 65

Searching the Continuum
Oktober 2019 Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar, voice, electronics,
Tim Motzer – acoustic guitar synth, electronics
Gintas Janusonis – drums, percussion

Kurt Rosenwinkel

Februar2017 Kurt Rosenwinkel (g), Pedro Martins (dr), Frederika Krier (voc), Andi Haberl (dr), Antonio Loureiro (voc), Alex Kozmidi (g), Kyra Carey (voc), Mark Turner (sax), Eric Clapton (g, track 8, spielt er drei, spielt er vier Töne?), Zola Mennenöh (voc), Amanda Brecker (voc)

Deep Song
Kurt Rosenwinkel

Deep Song
März 2005 –

Kurt Rosenwinkel (g), Joshua Redman (sax), Brad Mehldau (p), Larry Grenadier (b), Jeff Ballard (dr), Ali Jackson (dr)

Kurt Rosenwinkel

August 2003 –

Kurt Rosenwinkel – Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Programming | Mark Turner – Saxophone, Klarinettte | Ben Street – Bass | Jeff Ballard – Drums


Human Feel With Chris SpeedAndrew D’Angelo, and Jim Black

  • Scatter (GM, 1991)
  • Welcome to Malpesta (New World, 1994)
  • Speak to It (Songlines, 1996)
  • Galore (Skirl, 2007)
Human Feel, Andrew D'Angelo, Chris Speed, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jim Black

Gold (Intakt, 2019)

With Brian Blade

Kings Highway
Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band

Kings Highway (Stoner Hill, 2023)

With Seamus Blake

  • The Call (Criss Cross, 1994)
Stranger Things Have Happened
Seamus Blake

Stranger Things Have Happened (Fresh Sound, 1999)

With Chris Cheek

  • I Wish I Knew (Fresh Sound, 1997)
Chris Cheek

Vine (Fresh Sound, 2000)

With Aaron Goldberg

  • Worlds (Sunnyside, 2006)
The Now
by Aaron Goldberg

The Now (Sunnyside, 2014 – on Track 10)

With Rebecca Martin

  • Middlehope (Fresh Sound, 2001)
  • The Growing Season (Sunnyside, 2008)

With Barney McAll

  • Release the Day (Transparent Music, 2000)
Mother Of Dreams And Secrets ft Kurt Rosenwinkel
by Barney McAll

Mother of Dreams and Secrets (Research, 2006)

With Paul Motian

Play Monk & Powell
Paul Motian, Paul Motian and the Electric Bebop Band

1998: Play Monk and Powell (Winter & Winter, 1999)

With Q-Tip

The Renaissance

2003–08: The Renaissance (Universal Motown, 2008)

With Mark Turner

  • 1994: Yam Yam (Criss Cross, 1995)
  • 1998: In This World (Warner Bros., 1998)
  • 1999: Ballad Session (Warner Bros., 2000)
Dharma Days
Mark Turner

2001: Dharma Days (Warner Bros., 2001)

With others

  • Joe FarnswothIn What Direction Are You Headed? (Smoke Sessions, 2023)
 merch community
In What Direction Are You Headed?
by Joe Farnsworth
  • Nicola AndrioliSkylight (Heartcore, 2022)
Nicola Andrioli, Stéphane Galland, Federico Pecoraro
  • Alain ApalooNunya (Gateway Music, 2015)
Alain Apaloo's ApiPipo, Kurt Rosenwinkel
Jo-Yu Chen
Quality Over Opinion
Louis Cole
  • Jim SnideroFar Far Away (Savant Records Inc., 2023)
Far Far Away
Jim Snidero, Kurt Rosenwinkel
Sunken Condos
Donald Fagen
I Asked You A Question
by Nitai Hershkovits
Dark Horse
by Tobias Meinhart Berlin People
where are we
Joshua Redman

Where Are We (Blue Note, 2023)

Fly Now
Olivia Trummer


Wolfgang Muthspiel

Kurt Rosenwinkel (born October 28, 1970) is an American jazz guitarist, composer, bandleader, producer, educator, keyboardist and record label owner.

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Kurt Rosenwinkel guitar