5th April 2024 new albums jazzweek

5th April 2024 new albums jazzweek

5th April 2024 new albums jazzweek

Albare (g), Chris Rottmeyer (p), Vanisha Gould (voc), Christian McBride (b), Edgar Meyer (b), The Afro-Caribbean Jazz Collective (band)

ALBARE – guitar

Beyond Belief
released February 12, 2024

Albare – Guitars, Composer/Producer
Phil Turcio – Pianist Composer Arranger Producer
Pablo Bencid – Drums
Phil Rex – Bass
Lionel Cole – Voice on I believe

beyondalbare.com: We’re all driven by our love for music. There’s nothing more satisfying for me than this. “Beyond Belief” is a collection of beautiful moments that celebrate our human experience, with all its challenges, reminding us to stay connected to the forces of good.

Beyond Belief
Beyond Belief

Chris Rottmayer – piano

Released March 8, 2024

Chris Rottmayer – Piano
Russ Johnson – Trumpet and Flugel Horn
Rufus Reid – Acoustic Bass
Matt Endres – Drums

bandcamp: The skillful compositions and virtuosic performances on BEING weave an exotic and mysterious tapestry that explores Miller and Shaw’s harmonic and modal concepts.

by Chris Rottmayer
by Chris Rottmayer

Vanisha Gouldvocal
Chris McCarthy – piano

Life’s a Gig
released January 12, 2024

Vanisha Gould– vocals 
Chris McCarthy – piano
Kayla Williams – viola

“Life’s a gig, it don’t pay much but it costs a lot.”

5th April 2024 new albums jazzweek
Big George by One for All

Christian McBride Edgar Meyer – bass

But Who’s Gonna Play the Melody?
released March 22, 2024

Christian McBride – acoustic bass (all tracks except 8, 12); piano (tracks 8, 12)
Edgar Meyer – acoustic bass (all tracks except 10, 14); piano (tracks 10, 14)
Christian McBride: The meeting of great minds usually happens behind closed doors, but for two of the world’s foremost bassists — Christian McBride and Edgar Meyer — the collaboration proved so fruitful that a duo album exploring their collective backgrounds in jazz, folk, classical, bluegrass and funk was born.

But Who's Gonna Play the Melody?
by Christian McBride, Edgar Meyer
But Who’s Gonna Play the Melody?
by Christian McBride, Edgar Meyer

The Afro-Caribbean Jazz Collective

Fiesta at Caroga (En Vivo)
released January 29, 2024
Live-Aufnahme des Auftritts auf dem Caroga Lake Music Festival 2022.

Eric Devey – trumpet
Brian Stark – saxophone
Ben Weisger – trombone
Stephen Busath – congas
Sebastian Nassar – timbales
Brian Shank – percussion
Ian Stewart – bass
Jose Guzman – guitar

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