Ute Wassermann @ KM28

Ute Wassermann @ KM28

Apparat+ kicks off its New Music for Brass series with a solo set by Ute Wassermann (voice, bird whistles) and three works by Hanna Hartman.

Peter Ablinger @ KM28

Peter Ablinger @ KM28

Peter Ablinger (Stimme), Biliana Voutchkova und Nurit Stark (Violinen), Erik Drescher (Flöte) & Wolfgang Musil (Sounddesign)

 Laura Cocks

Olencki & Cocks | Ostendorf, Rasten & Gouband

Recorded in Brattleboro, Vermont in 2021, Music for Two Flutes features one piece each by Weston Olencki and Laura Cocks.
Nils Ostendorf (trumpet), Fredrik Rasten (acoustic guitars) & Toma Gouband (percussion)

Camilla Battaglia @ KM28

Camilla Battaglia @ KM28

The second concert in Nick Dunston’s series features two solo sets by 
Camilla Battaglia (voice & SuperCollider) and 
Mariana Carvalho (pre-recorded materials, transducers, small speaker, internal listening)

Ale Hop

Ale Hop @ KM28

Ale Hop – electric guitar & electronics
Sascha Brosamer – gramophone & electric guitar

Christina Wheeler

Christina Wheeler & Dudù Kouaté @ KM28

Christina Wheeler – voice, glass armonica, electronics
Dudù Kouate, percussion, xalam, kanjira, djembe,
tama, calabash, African flutes, vocals, electronics
Katinka Kleijn, solo cello & electronics

The Dogmatics

The Dogmatics & SINK at KM28

15.12.2023 KM28

The Dogmatics
Chris Abrahams (piano)
Kai Fagaschinski (clarinet)
Arthur Rother (guitar),
Andrea Ermke (minidiscs and mixing board),
Chris Abrahams (DX7)
Marcello Busato (drums)

Kaja Draksler

Kaja Draksler im KM28

14.12.2023 KM28

Kaja Draksler Piano
Kaja Draksler & Tobias Delius [KM28 /Fb]

04.12.2023 Christophori Piano Salon

Kaja Draksler Piano

piano solo
“In Otherness Oneself”

Enno Poppe SCHRANK

Enno Poppe SCHRANK

12.12.2023 KM28

Ernst Surberg, Daniel Gloger, ensemble mosaik

Enno Poppe : SCHRANK

Ordnung, komm in meine Musik

Martina Bertoni

Martina Bertoni at KM28

02.12.2023 KM28

Martina Bertoni, solo set for cello & electronics
Hypnagogia portraits an imaginary cosmic journey of the Self that crash ends into a blinding sun.

MARIÁ PORTUGAL, drums, percussion

Mariá Portugal – drums

24.11.2023 KM28

MARIÁ PORTUGAL, drums, percussion
EMILIO GORDOA, percussion
BURKHARD BEINS, percussion

Endean Tanrıkulu Dunston

Endean Tanrıkulu Dunston

25.11.2023 KM28

First Set:
Sofia Salvo – saxophone solo

Second Set:
Nick Dunston – banjo
Aviva Endean – clarinet, electronics
Cansu Tanrıkulu – voice, effects