Kaufmann Dunston Portugal

Kaufmann Dunston Portugal

28.10.2023 Jazzkeller 69
15.09.2023 Sowieso

Achim Kaufmann – piano
Nick Dunston – double bass
Mariá Portugal – drums

warelis bauer khorkhordina

Warelis Bauer Khorkhordina

31.10.2023 Kühlspot

Roman Stolyar – piano 
Carina Khorkhordina – trumpet
Eric Bauer – percussion & electronics
Meinrad Kneer – double bass

11.08.2023 Sowieso
Marta Warelis – solo piano

what am i doing w my life by julius windisch

Julius Windisch electronics

Sept 01-23 – Sowieso
Sept 02-23 – Sowieso

„I am a 1995-born pianist, composer, producer and singer based in Berlin.
I studied Jazz and improvised music in Berne (BA in Jazz Piano 2014-17), Amsterdam, Copenhagen & Berlin (European Jazz Master 2017-19). I’ve always wanted to spend my life playing and writing music.“ Julius Windisch

Am Frankfurter Tor by Anna Kaluza, Jan Roder

Anna Kaluza saxophone

08.09.2023 Sowieso
07.09.2023 Kühlspot
05.07.2023 Panda
29.06.2023 B-Flat

Anna Kaluza studied jazz saxophone in Cologne with Frank Gratkowski, in Vienna with Klaus Dickbauer and in London with Jean Toussaint

Gordoa and Johansson

Gordoa and Johansson

26.08.2023 Sowieso
Emilio Gordoa – vibraphone
Sven Åke Johansson – percussion & accordion

Els Vandeweyer

Dead Leaf Butterfly Ontmoeting

01.12.2023 Institut français Berlin
CD-RELEASE CONCERT via Jazzwerkstatt

Els Vandeweyer – vibraphone
Lina Allemano – trumpet
Maike Hilbig – double bass
Lucia Martinez – drums

Viner Tanrıkulu Kosack Matsuno Donkin

Viner Tanrıkulu Kosack Matsuno Donkin

18.08.2023 Sowieso

Jeremy Viner – woodwinds
Cansu Tanrıkulu – vox, efx
Liz Kosack – keyboards
Keisuke Matsuno – guitar
Phil Donkin – double bass

Schlippenbach Bauer Hertenstein

Schlippenbach Bauer Hertenstein

12.08.2023 Sowieso

Alexander von Schlippenbach – piano
Matthias Bauer – bass
Joe Hertenstein – drums

avschlippenbach.com * bauerbass.de * joehertenstein.com