Darius Heid - Victor Fox - Phil Donkin

Darius Heid – Victor Fox – Phil Donkin | Donau Solo

Darius Heid – Victor Fox – Phil Donkin

Darius Heid – Victor Fox – Phil Donkin

13.03.2024 Donau 115

Darius Heid – Piano

Before departing Copenhagen in July 2022, I did 11 recording sessions and worked on them during the past months. Now I am more than happy to share with you a careful mix of 9 tracks featuring solo recordings and different constellations with my dears Sebastians Macats, Asger Thomsen, Sture Ericson, Marcus Wärnheim, Michaela Turcerová and Jēkabs Rēders.
‚Gratitude‘ archives the sound and feeling of a specific timeframe: july09 – july20 2022. But most importantly, it stems from a personal gesture of gratitude, that I hope inspires you to take a step back and realize gratitude.

released December 12, 2022

Darius Heid - Gratitude
by Darius Heid
Darius Heid – Gratitude
by Darius Heid

Victor Fox – Saxophone

Victor Fox//Soprano Sax
Recorded at HfM Mainz by Moritz Reinisch on 06/01/2019
All music composed by Victor Fox
This album is dedicated to the great soprano players:
Steve Lacy, Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell, Dave Liebman, Sidney Bechet…

released July 12, 2019

Darius Heid - Victor Fox - Phil Donkin
Victor Fox Loaded​!​!​!​!​!​!
by Victor Fox

Phil Donkin – bass

This music was recorded in 2005 when I lived in London. This was the first thing I ever attempted on my own and features my first compositions. I’d only left school 2 years prior. It features amazing talent from the UK namely Julian Siegel on Tenor Saxophone and Bass Clarinet, Gareth Lockrane on Flute, George Hart on Drums and Ben Bryant on Percussion. The playing from those musicians on this recording is sublime and they make my slightly naive writing sound way more convincing than it otherwise would.
I was very hungry to learn and improve back then and was very conscious of the fact I was a late starter with jazz ….

released October 11, 2023

by Phil Donkin
by Phil Donkin