Richard Andersson – bass

Richard Andersson – bass

Richard Andersson – bass (*1982) Denmark

Rewards and recognizions:
”Best of the year 2015: Honorable Mention – New Releases” The NYC Jazz Record (for the record Splitting up in Boston – Garzone/Bergonzi/Moses/Andersson)
-“Best Danish Releases of 2010” AllAboutJazz (for the record Please Recycle)
-”Stjerneprisen 2010”
-”Funen Jazz musician of the Year 2010”
-”The NHØP Honorable Mention” at The international Bassconvention, 2013.

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Richard Andersson Inviting
by Per Møllehøj, Richard Andersson, Jorge Rossy


by Richard Andersson

Pocket Music

Pocket Music
by Richard Andersson Quartet

Richard Andersson – bass
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