Jazz from UK Oslo Berlin – UK Sound Systems – New York, Oslo, Berlin

Jazz from UK Oslo Berlin

Einen Überblick über die Musikszene auf der Insel zu bekommen, nahezu aussichtslos. Nach Wochen und Monaten der Recherche, weiß ich häufig nicht mehr, wer wie meine Wege kreuzte, wo ich zu schnell war im Urteil, wo zu langsam – vieles hört sich nach wenigen Tagen an, als käme es aus dem Selbstbespiegelungskosmos der Siebziger, anderes so, als wäre noch etwas in der Mache, vieles, was von der Insel herübertönt hat Groove, Beat oder Sound – wird Zeit nach GB zu fahren, sich das anzuschauen.

Craig Green – from Bristol

Acoustic Jazz – Release May 2019 – Craig Green: Classical guitar; Clive Deamer: Drums and percussion Review on Jazzviews „The son of Bill Frisell, and the grandson of Derek Bailey“ – All About Jazz

Greg Foat – from London

House of Jazz – Release July 2022 – Strut Records – a division of K7 Music GmbH: „Upping the tempo, Foat brings in sensual groove-based tracks like the undulating ‘Anticipation’, the album title track and Groove Merchant-channelling ‘Nikinakinu’. “This was one for my stepson Nicky,” explains Foat. “I worked up this idea with him and my Zimbabwean drummer friend Sam Chagumachinyi so it has a slightly African feel to it and uses pentatonic scales.”

Esbe UK – from London

Vocal Jazz – Release September 2020 – produced by Esbe – Pyramid Painting and: “ The hot dusty desert is a bleak but romantic setting for the looming pyramids and the sumptuous brightly painted wall art inside.“

Stephen Godsall, from London

brazilian groove – Release Dezember 2020 – vocals by Ali Baverstock, Hazel Tratt, Natalie Davies, Laura Taylor and Sara Harris. Musicians include Sarah Bolter, Ian Ellis, Angharad Miller, Andrew Godsall and Anita Somner. All compositions by Stephen Godsall.

Jim Rattigan, from London

Chamber Jazz – Release December 2020 – Jim Rattigan – french horn; Nikki Iles – piano; Michael Janisch – double bass; James Maddren – drums; Julian Tear – violin; Alison Gordon – violin; Nic Barr – viola; Nic Cooper – Cello

Evan Parker, UK

Experimental Sound | Duo Jazz Saxophon & Drums – Release February 2020 – Evan Parker: Tenor Sax; Paul Lytton: Drums

de tian – from Sheffield

Electronic Jazz Paul Shaft – guitar, bass, synths, ethnic percussion, voice; Paul Hague – percussion, electronics; Martin Archer – saxophones, melodica, recorders, wood flute, electronics „“….who else in Britain never mind in Sheffield, is prepared to go on stage with nigh on a hundred instruments, very few of which are electric, and try to break through the insulation surrounding most rock gig goers minds…..”. Pink Flag fanzine 1979.“

Andrew Wasylyk, from Scotland

Atmospheric Landscapes – Release September 2020 – emerging somewhere between spiritual jazz, neo-classical and library music, diffracted by the blues and greys of the wide Tay firth.

Nicholas Llerandi – from New York

Prog-Jazz – Release April, 2015 – Nicholas Llerandi – Guitar, Producer, Engineer; Francesco Beccaro – Bass; Zach Marks – Drums (Cracked, Imperial, 21 Minutes); Jerad Lippi – Drums (Memphis, Standby); Kevin Theodore – Piano (Memphis); Daniel Sanint – Engineer (Flux Studios); Billy Anderson – Engineer, Mixing, Mastering

Jane Ira Bloom, from Boston New York

Duo Jazz – Soprano Sax and Double Bass – Released January 2021,

Jane Ira Bloom – soprano saxophone
Mark Helias – double bass

„The sound is filled with everything that we felt and couldn’t say in words. There is a vibration between us that’s uncanny given the circumstances and a deep need to play what was real to us just then. It’s as real as it gets for two musicians who needed to create music together to try to find some way to mend the world.”

Jazz from UK Oslo Berlin – New York, Trondheim,

Nate Wooley, from New York

Choir Music Collage & Electronic Style – Release October 2020 – Nate Wooley – trumpet and amplifier; Samara Lubelski, C. Spencer Yeh – violins; Chris Corsano, Ben Hall, Ryan Sawyer – drums; Susan Alcorn – pedal steel guitar; Julien Desprez, Ava Mendoza – electric guitars; Isabelle O’Connell, Emily Manzo – keyboards; Yoon Sun Choi, Mellissa Hughes, Megan Schubert – voices – One Piece – up to 45 Minutes.

Nelson Riveros, from New York

Latin Jazz – Release February 2021, Hector Martignon (piano), a two-time Grammy nominee; Mark Walker (drums); Andy McKee (bass); Jonathan Gomez (percussion).

Patricia Brennan, from New York

Vibraphon Jazz Sound – Release January 2021,-

Baldi/Gerycz Duo, from Cleveland, Ohio

Experimental Jazz – Release October 2020 – „“We tend to do the free jazz sessions right at the end of long tours,” Baldi says, “or after making other records, so it’s a nice break from the more regimented song forms that the other bands have, or from playing the same songs every night on tour.”

Griffig Hiltz Trio, from Toronto

Jazzfusion – in the Spirit of Rashaann Roland Kirk

Siril Malmedal, from Oslo – Norway

Vocal Jazz – Release May 2021 – Songs explore many themes, not least reconnection with one’s place in the world – and which kind of world that is, or should be. Nature, love, tenderness, transcendence, hope, speculation, remembrance, the erotic and the sacred all find their places within the fabric of „Slowly, Slowly“.

Mathilde Groos Viddal, from Oslo, Norway

Orchestraler Jazz mit klassichen Bezügen – Release Dezcember 2020 – Mathilde Grooss Viddal: Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, sopran sax, tenor sax
Hayden Powell: trumpet; Børge-Are Halvorsen: tenor sax; Øyvind Brække: trombone; Per Willy Åserud: trumpet & electronics

Signe Emeluth – from Oslo

Solo Saxophon – Release January 2021 : Wikipedia: „Signe Krunderup Emmeluth (* 1992) ist eine dänische, in Oslo arbeitende Jazzmusikerin (Altsaxophon, auch Elektronik, Komposition). „Ihr einzigartiger Spielstil mit schnellen Wechseln auf dem Register, zwischen verschiedenen Melodielinien und plötzlichen Ausbrüchen macht Emmeluth zu einer leicht erkennbaren Stimme.“

Arne Torvik Trio, from Trondheim, Norway

Klaviertrio – melodisch, kontemplativ, Release January 2021 – Bjørnar Kaldefoss Tveite · Øystein Aarnes Vik · Arne Torvik

Arne Torvik Trio

Diego Pinera, from Berlin

Diego Pinera : Old Wisdom mit Ben Monder, Donny McCaslin, Scott Colley ; Release January 2021 ; Energie aus Berlin, New York (wo die Aufnahmen stattfanden und seiner perkussiven Vielfalt Lateinamerikas.

MPT Max Plattner Trio, from Austria

Acoustic Jazz – Trio – Bass, Drums, Saxophon – Release April 2020 –

Gerne verlinke ich auch auf meine Berlin Abteilung A-Z. Eine alphabetische Aufstellung vieler Musikerinnen und Musiker aus Berlin. Sicher nicht vollständig, ein Anfang aber ist gemacht.

Jazz from UK Oslo Berlin
Jazz from UK Oslo Berlin

Jazz from UK Oslo Berlin Jazz from UK Oslo Berlin Jazz from UK Oslo Berlin Jazz from UK Oslo Berlin